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  • Qullue e-commerce website is a unique platform. Here, ladies can choose their favorite products. The website provides a wide variety of skirts, whether it is a gorgeous Evening Dress, a comfortable Casual Dress, or a wedding Guest dress suitable for weddings. It has everything to meet the clothing needs of different occasions. At the same time, there are also a variety of accessories, exquisite bracelets, bright necklaces, chic earrings, Women's various backpacks and sacks etc., adding charm and style to women's dress. In addition, the website also ingeniously sells books about Chinese learning, providing learning resources for people who are interested in Chinese. Qullue e-commerce website is committed to creating a shopping experience integrating fashion and knowledge for customers, so that every customer can find their own beauty and surprise here.

  • Vintage Grape String Earrings niche sweet cool temperament vintage pearl earrings earrings

    These electroplated crafted grape earrings are simply stunning! It is made of high quality alloy and the earrings look like a dazzling array of colorful grapes, so wear them and be the center of attention instantly.

  • S925 Sterling Silver Gold-Plated Nanhong Hetian Jade Green Jade Stud Earrings Earrings

    These earrings are handcrafted from the finest materials such as gold-plated sterling silver, southern red, and Hetian jade green jade. It is crystal clear, just like a fine work of art, every detail shows extraordinary workmanship, showing the extraordinary quality./products/one-deer-silver-s925-sterling-silver-gold-plated-south-red-hetian-jade-sapphire-cloisonne-national-tide-plum-blossom-passepartout-earrings

  • Men's and Women's Bracelets Triple Chakra Bone Dry Crystals Amethyst and Black Crystal

    This Super Seven Crystal Bracelet, when viewed from afar, consists of three main color shades, namely purple, red and black. And because its growth is form asymbiosis of seven minerals, the symbiosis of different minerals will give rise to many unique color families, such as golden sand red, purple red, purple black, purple orange, red and black bi-color and so on. Therefore, the colorful Super Seven is slowly being sought after by consumers!
    Collector's quality Super Seven, with its rich color, full of minerals, strong metallic effect, and low shipment, has gradually become one of the most sought-after noble crystals by crystal lovers!
  • French Waist Printed Temperament Dress Wedding Morning Gowns

    • This high-waisted maxi skirt highlights the following benefits:
      - Prints and zipper: the print element adds unique style and artistry to the maxi skirt, while the zipper design adds style and practicality;
      - Vintage collar: the vintage collar design can add elegance and vintage atmosphere to the overall look;
      - Slimming waist: through the design of waist, it can emphasize the waist line and make the figure look slimmer;
      - Elegant styling: the long skirt style usually creates an elegant atmosphere and is suitable for formal occasions or special occasions;
      - Fluttering skirt: the fluttering of the skirt can increase the sense of movement and lightness of the clothing, making the wearer more attractive when walking.

  • Real time romantic holiday heavy industry Vintage ballet style lace patchwork cake strap dress long dress

    This dress exudes a unique charm. Its elegant lacing seems to carry a charming aura of its own, easily creating an age-defying aura that will turn heads. The sleeveless design is bold and stylish, aptly revealing the beautiful shoulder and neck lines, showing off the softness and sexiness of women. The overall shape of the dress presents a wide and loose form, giving people a casual and comfortable feeling, while that good drape adds a sense of sophistication and elegance. And the lower part of the elaborate design of the two layers of splicing, is to make the whole skirt is very layered, so that the original simple style has become rich and vivid, walking between the layers of the sense of dislocation as if telling a unique fashion story, showing the wearer's distinctive taste and style.

  • Pink Evening Dresses Banquet High-end Engagement Host Party Birthday Evening Dresses

    This evening dress is truly stunning. The delicate pink colour is as sweet and charming as a peach blossom in spring, exuding a romantic and gentle atmosphere. The sequins embellished on the skirt, glittering in the light, as if the stars falling between the skirt, so that the wearer is like a fairy walking in the spotlight, radiant. The delicate bow behind the back, but also for the whole modelling to add a playful and dynamic, like a beautiful butterfly stationed, giving people endless reverie. It is simply tailor-made for all kinds of evening parties and birthday parties. When wearing it in those joyful occasions, it will surely become the focus of attention of the whole audience, and it will be a perfect blend of feminine softness, elegance and playfulness, showing unique charm and elegance, making every moment extra sparkling and unforgettable.

  • HSK1~HSK6 series of textbooks help Chinese learners to study and take tests systematically.

    HSK1 books are specially designed as teaching materials or reference books for the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Level 1. The following are some common features of HSK1 books:
    1. Textbook content: It usually contains vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing and other contents related to the HSK1 test. The content is organised according to the exam syllabus to help learners study and prepare for the exam in a systematic way.
    2. Learning Objectives: Clearly targeting the requirements of the HSK1 exam, the textbook will help learners master basic Chinese language knowledge and skills, and be able to carry out simple daily communication.
    3. Exercises and Mock Tests: A large number of exercises and mock tests are provided in the book to help learners familiarise themselves with the test format and question types, and to improve their problem-solving skills.
    4. Practicality: Focusing on developing learners' practical language skills, learners will be able to use what they have learned in their daily lives through dialogues, short essays, and real-life scenarios.
    5. Graded teaching: Some HSK1 books may adopt a graded teaching method to gradually guide learners to improve their Chinese proficiency.

  • English and Chinese point-and-click audio books are a very unique and useful learning tool.

    English and Chinese point-and-click audio books are a very unique and useful learning tool.
    They are often beautifully designed and have clearly printed pages. When a specific area on the book is touched with the matching point-and-click pen, a clear, standardised sound is immediately produced. It can be conveniently switched between Chinese and English language modes. When switched to Chinese mode, it will emit standard Chinese pronunciation, including the pronunciation of words, reading aloud, etc., helping learners to accurately master the tone of voice in Chinese; and when switched to the English mode, it will have the same accurate and fluent English pronunciation.
    This point-and-click audiobook is like a language tutor that is always with you. Whether at home, at school or anywhere else, it is easy to take out and use, making the learning process fun. It meets the needs of different learning stages and levels, and is a great companion to stimulate interest and lay a good foundation for beginners in Chinese, as well as a powerful assistant for those who want to improve their Chinese language skills to keep consolidating and progressing. Through the combination of sound and text, it greatly enhances the interactivity and immersion of learning, and can effectively improve the efficiency and effectiveness of learning.

  • Books for learning Chinese HSK1~HSK6 series of textbooks

    The HSK Chinese writing book is a specialised book for practising basic Chinese characters, usually associated with the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test). It has the following characteristics:
    1. Targeted: The Chinese characters in this book are selected according to the requirements of the HSK exam syllabus, covering more than 600 Chinese characters corresponding to the vocabulary of HSK Levels 1-3, which helps learners to practise the Chinese characters that are likely to appear in the exam in a targeted manner;
    2. Rich content: Each Chinese character is provided with pinyin, writing demonstrations, hollow characters and metric squares, etc., which help learners quickly master the glyphs, sounds and writing standards of commonly used Chinese characters;
    3. Graded design: This book is graded according to HSK levels, and the Chinese characters included in each level are those used in the new vocabulary of the corresponding level, and do not include those that have already appeared in the previous level, so it is suitable for learners of different levels;
    4. Highly practical: HSK Chinese Writing Books can help Chinese learners improve their Chinese writing skills and lay a solid foundation for learning Chinese.
    All in all, the HSK Chinese Writing Book is a very practical learning tool and a good choice for learners who want to improve their Chinese language skills.